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DQT Products Bringing your healthy life

(Quantum nano is the natural phenomenon of a 1.000000001 particle)Madam Ye DongQing is the founder of DongQing Technology Pte Ltd. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration  and thereafter she lectured for many years at universities  teaching experience.

Madame Ye is well versed in Huang Di Nei Jing, the Chinese most influential texts and guidance for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicines and understanding Anatomy. Fascinated by the fact that we can live truly health if we combine the oldest ways with the latest techniques scientifically , she is the brainchild of the DQT Nano-Energized Water Purifier and Natural Hydrogen-Rich Water . With a team of scientists &  reseachers   she got passionately involved in producing something ‘light & portable’ that instantly takes care we can ALWAYS drink energized water.

With her product Natural Quantum Anion Hydrogen-Rich Water  . we are now a quantum leap closer to living a healthy life at home or when we are on the go. “We humans are part of nature ,we are nature and we should take care our food and water intake stays closest to what nature produces to keep us natural vibrant and our overall PH in balance” .

Today , Madame Ye her vision is to see all of us combining our nutritional care   Natural Quantum Anion Hydrogen-Rich Water . Anion is the electro-negative charge in the ionic chemical bond . Anion energized water , which ,when absorbed by the body , replenishes the cells fast and balances the body’s acid/alkaline value.

She encourages all of us to stay true to natural health therapies; therapies which make use of anions , magnetic fields, solar energy , quantum energy and organic herbal medicines.

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